Vi har her samlet referencer fra folk der har været igennem behandlingen, de har alle haft forskellige grunde til at søge vores hjælp, lige fra professionelle sportsudøvere med alt fra skader til restituerings optimering, til almindelige hverdags mennesker med alt fra arbejdsskader til overbelastning, symptombehandling og meget mere.

  • "Michael and Helle really helped me a lot during the year. They were great in getting me game-ready with their treatment and the treatment after the games helped me recover as fast as possible. I really appreciate the work that Michael and Helle do and recommend them to anyone searching for a way to enhance the way they feel about their body."

    Tomas Sinisalo
    Tomas Sinisalo Professionel Ishockey Spiller, Finland
  • "Michael and Helle helped me very much to cope with the strains of season and also to recover from the minor injuries I had. Their treatments helped me to prepare for and recover from the matches. They are real professionals when it comes to for example taping, muscle rehabilitation and breathing techniques. I am more than happy to recommend them to all who are interested in their well-being."

    Antti Hölli
    Antti Hölli Professionel Ishockey Spiller, Finland
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